Automated Omnichannel Application Manage Business Channels

The Omnichannel Chat application combines various communication channels which make it easy to monitor and manage sales and customer service with an integrated system.

  • icon check purpleIncrease customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • icon check purpleHave a wider market reach for business growth
  • icon check purpleIncrease team efficiency and productivity by up to 80%
  • icon check purpleProvide a consistent customer experience across every channel
  • icon check purpleIntegration of various channels in integrated omnichannel software

The Omnichannel application automatically serves 24 non-stop

An omnichannel chat application equipped with a chatbot that is capable of serving customers automatically 24/7 and no longer loses customers

Call Center Application Efficient Call Service Up to 80%

Mekari Qontak's cloud-based call center application has all the features to manage incoming and outgoing call services efficiently. Enjoy a flexible customer service center integrated with popular applications.

  • icon check purpleMake quick calls from anywhere
  • icon check purpleAutomatically distribute phone calls
  • icon check purpleOptimize call center agent performance
  • icon check purpleHave an accurate and real time analysis dashboard
  • icon check purpleSave operational costs without installation