Kelas Digital Products

LMS (Learning Management System)

  • Online Class Application (Kelas Digital)
  • Knowledge Sharing in the Kelas Digital App
  • Collaborating in the World of Higher Education

CMS (Campus Management System)

  • Higher Education Institutions reporting system
  • Digital financial and payment methods
  • Cloud based, and more.

KeDi PMB (Admissions)

Admission System starting by filling out forms to online payments via KeDipay.


A digital payment system that accepts payment types from all local banks, Gopay, Shopeepay, QRIS, Alfamart Group and Indomaret.

KeDiblast (Broadcast)

Kelas Digital support system to send notifications and Feed updates.

KeDi Console

Support system for Kelas Digital administration such as access rights and others.

KeDi Support

Support system to receive complaints, questions and support requests via WA, Telegram, Social Media, Email etc.


Computer Based Test, Support system for Quiz, Exam and Interview online.