Kelas Digital Features

You can interact, study, schedule your academic activities, and build informal relationships as a student or lecturer in your Kelas Digital app.

Academic Social Media

As an academic social media in education, Kelas Digital connects academics to interact globally.

Chat Style Classroom

Learning is very flexible in Kelas Digital equipped with:

  • Message Features
  • File Sharing
  • Online classes using video conferencing.

Networking via KeDi Chat

As a forum for educators to:

  • Connected
  • Interact
  • Discuss
  • Building informal relationships


Our commitment to be a liaison between Indonesian education drivers is realized by:

The KeDi VC (Video Conference) feature in the Digital Class application that has been integrated with zoom.

Features at a Glance

  • Multi Lingual (coming soon)
  • Dark Mode (coming soon)
  • Finger Print (coming soon)
  • Panic Button (coming soon)
  • Class Reminder (coming soon)
  • Upload/Material download/Assignment/Quiz
  • Reward Points
  • Class Survey
  • Lecturer Questionnaire
  • Lecturer Reports (BKD)
  • Attendance (& Report)
  • Group Chat
  • KRS (Institution Account)
  • KHS (Institution Account)
  • Tuition Dashboard (Institution Account)
  • Document Folder
  • Class Schedule (Institution Account)
  • Grades (Institution Account)
  • Customer Support
  • PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank)
  • Neo Feeder PDDIKTI (Institution Account)
  • EMIS PDDIKTIS (Institution Account)
  • BAN-PT Standardization (Institution Account)
  • Parental Access
  • Multiple Lecturer Access
  • Classroom Management (CMS)
  • Notification & Announcement via KEDI, WA, SMS, Email
  • Digital Signature (Qr Code)
  • Class Transfer Request Form (Student)
  • Study Program Transfer Request Form (Student)
  • Academic Leave (Student)
  • KRS Revision Request Form (Student)
  • KRS Late Request Form (Student)
  • Transfer Out Request Form (Student)
  • Certificate & Transcript Request Form (Student)
  • Payment Tipe: Tuition, Lab, PKL, KKN, Graduation Ceremony, Transcript Conversion, Lecturer Guidance
  • Multi Device